Friendly environment

With our relatively small community it's easy to make friends.

Entertaining mods

With over 10 mods you're never short of something to do.

Creative freedom

Build whatever you want in our plot or wild world.

Community events

Hold your own competitions or join official server events.

Supportive staff

Any problems you may have feel free to message our staff team.


Some of our favourite moments with you


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The Arrival of OakleyCraft

OakleyCraft is a modded animal based survival server with the goal of creating a safe & fun enviorment for people all around the globe. OakleyCraft is a remake of the 2017 server "StableCookies" and prides itself on having an ultimate animal loving experience. The server includes mods such as MoCreatures, Animania, Harvest Craft, Biomes O' Plenty and More! Come join us and give it a try!